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My favourite G1 matches - Part 2

Hi guys,

The G1 only ended yesterday and I'm already feeling it. I mean over a month of a jam packed schedule with matches coming out of my ears and I seriously couldn't believe the calibre of the matches from tag to singles. I did my favourite G1 matches for the first half of the tournament, so here's the second with even better matches.
Jay White v Shingo Takagi Jay White has always been one of my favourite wrestlers and I’d seen him against pretty much any opponent. However, White v Shingo Takagi was something I didn’t really know what to expect because they’re so similar but so different. Jay White is a very smart wrestler using every tactic in the book to win whereas Takagi is a straight up brawler with the perfect mixture of speed and strength. With this force of Shingo, the match started extremely brutally for a White match and from then, Jay realised he needed to notch the heel up. He went for those blistering chops, tried to cahoot with Red Shoes by Two Sweeting h…

The death of British Wrestling?

Hi guys,
Hasn't the world of professional wrestling been crazy over the last few days.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the resurgence of British wrestling ( but nowadays it seems as if I can't wake up without seeing a 'British wrestling is dead' tweet somewhere - crazy right?

It's all stemmed from some rumours centring WWE UK and the sudden closure of Defiant Wrestling. In my opinion, the only thing that's dead is Tuesday Night Graps but that's being sorted now so it's fine with SCHADENFREUDE.
I've voiced my concerns when the promotion started in terms of what it could do to the independent scene and we saw from the word go that WWE started monopolising on the industry in a pretty devious and toxic way. We've had so many wrestlers from BSS, Grizzled Young Vets, Viper and Kay Lee Ray being signed to exclusive contracts, Jim Smallman of Progress l…