Top Wrestling MVPs 2020

Hi guys, How crazy has 2020 has been? With everything going on in the world, it seems as if 2021 couldn't come any sooner. However, even with all of this negativity, I think it's vital to try and find some positives.  Despite conditions making it hard for the wrestling industry, many companies have thrived during the pandemic. In particular, some wrestlers have managed to make the best out of a bad situation and continue trying to put on shows for fans whether in person or through streaming sites.  To mark the end of another year, I'm back with my annual wrestling MVP list of the wrestlers who have stood out this year. Just a quick note, most of the stuff I've watched this year is Japanese wrestling (NJPW, DDT and TJPW)! Yuka Sakazaki 2020 has been a great year for in the sense that I've had the time to fully get into Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. For me, it's something I regret not doing earlier because it is full of some amazing wrestlers from Miu, Miyu Yamashita

Introduction to NJPW

Hi guys, For me, New Japan Pro Wrestling has to be one, if not, the best company in the world for giving us amazing wrestling content. With the introduction of their streaming site NJPW World, more worldwide shows and English commentary (from the AMAZING Kevin Kelly) on most of their shows, it’s becoming a massive rival for other massive companies. But, when I started watching it a while back, the whole format was really confusing because it was so different from what I was used too. So, in the lead up to Wrestle Kingdom (which is the biggest show/s of the NJ calendar year), here’s a beginner’s guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling (Shin Nihon Puroresu) for anyone who wants to watch NJPW but has no idea where to start. History New Japan Pro Wrestling was founded in 1972 by wrestling legend Antonio Inoki after he left the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance promotion. Inoki put himself as the star of the company and drew on the experiences of foreign wrestlers (Gaijin’s) like the Bri

World Tag League Preview

Hi guys, I think I've already made it clear how excited I am for this year's Best of Super Jr tournament. However, in the midst of my excitement, I forgot all about the fact that it was a combined tour with World Tag League, probably because we didn't hear any announcements about the line-up - until now! Just like the BoSJ, this tournament is going to in a single block format and is full of some of your favourite tag teams in Japan. Without further ado, here is my preview of the 2020 World Tag League! FinJuice (Juice Robinson and David Finlay) Will New Japan fans be treated to another round of Happy Beers from last year's World Tag League winners? Well, I'm just happy to see them both teaming together again in Japan. David Finlay and Juice Robinson are the epitome of what a babyface is and just radiate this positive energy despite all the obstacles in front of them. Since they started teaming together, they've both had a career rejuvenation with their best frien

Diversity in Wrestling Performers (Women Love Wrestling Book Excerpt)

Hi guys, I'm back this week trying to stick to my promise of having more female wrestling-related content. This week, I'm posting an excerpt from my chapter in the book Women Love Wrestling. It is an amazing project that I was blessed to be part of which brought together writers from across the world to speak about their love and experience with women's wrestling. In an industry that is so male-dominated, this was a book for women, by women and about women. What makes it even more special is that all the proceeds are donated to a number of charities that support women.   So, here is a look at my contribution to the amazing book looking at Diversity in Wrestling Performers  from a UK perspective.  Every little girl dreams of being a princess, a superhero or in my case a badass international superspy. Wrestling is one of those professions where women can be a combination of all three. It is an industry where you can find a role model and see diversity, right? Unlike a lot of

G1 Participants Preview - B Block

Hi guys,  A few days ago, I published a look at the G1 Climax 30 A Block participants ( ) and what a line-up it was. Well, I'm back with a comprehensive guide to the B Block which is as equally exciting and has some huge names.  Here is a look at your participants in this years B Block!  Tetsuya Naito After narrowly missing out on yet another G1 victory, current IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental champion Naito has more on his mind than just points. Going into a tournament with one title is bad enough, but going in with the top two is going to be a nightmare. As well as trying to win and pick his own WK opponent, he is going to need to beat everyone. The Ungovernable One has a massive target on his back and everyone will be putting their heart into trying to pin the champ. By pinning Naito, they don't even need to win the G1 for a title shot. However, Naito isn't going to let this stress ge